Shingleback’s UNEDITED Shiraz began as part of the regional initiative “McLaren Vale Scarce Earth” which was launched in 2011 with wines from the 2009 vintage, involving the release of selected single block McLaren Vale Shiraz wines which highlight the distinctive sites of the region.


After facing 3 separate tasting panels, the participating wines were chosen – the grapes must come from a single block, rather than single vineyard, the vines must be at least 10 years old & the winemaking style is one of minimal intervention to highlight the site expression.


Although the Scarce Earth programme was discontinued after the 2015 vintage, Shingleback continues to craft its very limited release, minimal oak influence Unedited Shiraz.

Unedited Shiraz

Block E Shiraz, to the east of the historic 1860’s barn on the Davey Estate, has for years provided a valuable and unique component of the Shingleback reserve wines. The block sits astride the boundary of two geologies; the southern 10% on the alluvial fan clay, sand and gravel (Christies Beach Formation) that is washed from the Willunga escarpment, and the northern 90% on grey and red calcrete mottled alluvial clay (Ngaltinga Formation). The soil transitions from red clay at the very southern end to grey-black, self-mulching clay for the majority of the block. These unusually well drained, heavy clays produce full bodied, textured, and richly flavoured Shiraz. From this superior block a small section is selected for subtle (“unedited”) crafting and maturation that pays homage to the fruit and the soil from which it comes.