Vintage Reports 2010

There was a week or so between finishing the Shiraz and starting on the Cabernet Sauvignon. The only rain to speak of conveniently fell over two days just after the Shiraz was picked and assisted the steady ripening and development of flavours and tannins in the Cabernet.


The vintage was generally an easy one in the winery with time available to lavish attention on every batch. Ferments were clean and finished dry with wines quickly completing malolactic fermentation. Grenache yields were very low due to hot weather at flowering. Chardonnay crops were also down, whilst yields of the other varieties were around average. The unusual heat in November also had the positive effect of toughening the vines for the vintage to come.


Across the board the wines of the 2010 vintage are full-bodied with opulent and luscious varietal flavours. A vintage to celebrate and sure to be a crowd pleaser.