Vintage Reports 2013

A little supplementary drip irrigation was needed from around the New Year to help the vines through the hotter weather and ensure the berries achieved the varietal flavours, ripe tannins and balanced acidity that are the precursors of good wine.

Harvest started with Semillon on the 11th of February and hot weather that followed ensured an early start to Shiraz a week later. Warm and dry conditions compressed the ideal harvest window and, due to the dedication of many, an orderly efficient intake occurred, meeting the challenge of capturing the essence of a great year in the vineyard. The last of the reds, Cabernet Sauvignon, was picked on the 18th of March and with the early vintage both winery and vineyard teams had much of Easter off again!

The 2013 vintage was naturally disease free and has produced perfumed whites with attractive textures and deeply coloured ripe and structured reds.